greenValue Interview – 20 years in the service of the environment!

To mark the company’s anniversary, founder and Managing Director Daniel Kellermann gives us an insight and outlook into the world of renewable energies and greenValue GmbH.

Founded in 2002, greenValue was originally an independent information portal that presented investments in renewable energies. It was a successful start, but it no longer plays a role in the company today.

How did it come about that this business segment completely disappeared from greenValue’s focus?

Daniel Kellermann: “On the one hand, legal regulations on the capital market reduced the variety of investment models enormously. It was no longer economically viable to operate a neutral information portal. On the other hand, we were able to build up and demonstrate our expertise in consulting and project management services at an early stage. The time gained was used in the project business.”

What exactly did the company focus on afterwards?

Daniel Kellermann: “Our environment and the energy transition were and are at the heart of all our work. We have been involved in projects in almost all green energy segments in our previous consulting mandates. In 2008, for example, we supported the construction of photovoltaic and biogas projects on behalf of clients as project managers for the first time. By 2021, we had also contributed to constructing five biogas plants with biogas upgrading. Project management included the coordination of various trades. The clients also entrusted us with contract negotiations and coordination with approval authorities. Our service portfolio and expertise expanded from order to order.”

„Learning by Doing“ ist aber sicher nicht alles auf dem Weg zum Spezialisten oder?

Daniel Kellermann: „Nein, da haben Sie schon recht. Wir beobachten den Markt sehr genau und sobald eine Entwicklung für unser Tagesgeschäft oder auch als neues Geschäftsfeld interessant sein könnte, vertiefen wir das Thema und erweitern unser Wissen. Man muss schon über den Tellerrand hinausschauen, um nicht hinter neuen Entwicklungen und Technologien her zu hecheln. Wir sind einfach offen für alles Neue und interessieren uns für angrenzende Geschäftsbereiche.“

How do you ensure the quality of your services?

Daniel Kellermann: “In 2019 we introduced a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 and have ourselves recertified annually. The processes are well organized. Regular further training and intensive knowledge transfer within the company ensure know-how.”

I saw on your homepage that you also offer M&A services. How can you imagine that?

Daniel Kellermann: “Services in the area of ​​mergers and acquisitions have been a business area of ​​greenValue since around 2019. This means that we examine energy projects for sale, such as biogas plants, on behalf of interested parties. Our scope of services includes, among other things, the assessment of technical and economic opportunities and risks. Optionally, we can participate in the company transfer to the new owner.”

Is there a special project for this?

Daniel Kellermann: “Yes, there is a project from our recent past. We supported one of our customers in purchasing a biogas project in shell status. After joint due diligence, i.e. a comprehensive analysis of the project, the plant was acquired by one of the leading German biogas plant operators. We then took over project management of the further construction work up to commissioning and the first gas feed-in.”

Do you also support orders in “biogas-related” areas?

Daniel Kellermann: “For over a year we have also been working as project managers on behalf of the consortium leader of a real-world laboratory for the energy transition. Hydrogen is produced here from wind energy. This green hydrogen is to be transported through repurposed gas pipelines and used in the industrial sector. In a second project phase, the green hydrogen will then be stored in a salt cavern. This project was selected as a real-world laboratory for the energy transition as part of the Federal Government’s 7th Energy Research Program.”

That all sounds very exciting. Is there another business area on the agenda at the moment?

Daniel Kellermann: “Yes, you saw through me. Here, too, in the broadest sense it is about biogas – but more precisely about biomethane that is to be liquefied. LNG, liquefied natural gas, in turn has the advantage that this liquid ‘bio-natural gas’ can be easily transported and can be used in the industrial and transport sectors.”

Has anything actually changed in your business area as a result of the new government?

Daniel Kellermann: “Well – with the new federal government and driven by increasing global demand on the green energy market, the entire industry will have to deliver much more in the next few years. There is a lot to do and the critical factor remains project development. This will continue to be about expertise and experience in the future. We are well positioned and will continue to make our contribution to an environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral society.”

That’s a good outlook for the next 20 years! Now a completely different question: You implement projects in which sustainable business plays a major role. How do you live sustainability in your own company?

Daniel Kellermann: “In fact, with us it’s not like the cobbler who wears even the worst shoes. We act sustainably, which means that our services are provided so professionally and responsibly that repeat business and business partnerships develop.

When it comes to operating greenValue, we have been working almost exclusively digitally since 2018. As a result, paper consumption has fallen by 90 percent. Mobile working saves traveling to and from the office and we get our electricity from 100 percent regional hydropower.

We prepare a sustainability report every second year that shows that small measures have a big impact.”

We thank you for the interesting conversation!

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greenValue GmbH has been dedicated to renewable energies since it was founded in 2002. With its five employees, the company takes over contract initiation and negotiations, coordinates all processes in project implementation and is the link between investors and project planners. Experience lies in the energy areas of wind power and photovoltaics, with the current focus on biogas and biomethane projects.

greenValue GmbH is an information and consulting company for the areas of mergers & acquisitions, project management, asset management but also energy efficiency and energy generation plants.

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