greenValue GmbH (press release) – What to do when biogas compensation expires?

How is it possible to secure the operation of a biogas plant after the end of the EEG subsidy? Answers are provided by the experts of greenValue GmbH based in Nuremberg. They are concerned with new technical requirements for operating plants and individual economic opportunities.

The biogas sector is currently in turmoil. Interest and demand are high, but requirements and approval processes are becoming more complex. This is one of the reasons why extension has been stagnating for years. Yet it is precisely biogas, as a base-load renewable resource, that is capable of compensating the fluctuating availability of energy sources such as sun and wind and that contributes to grid stability.

However, the public EEG funding for several biogas plants will end in the next few years. As the 20 years old subsidy period is gradually coming to an end, decisions are to be made on how further to operate these plants from an economic point of view. “It is crucial for operators to start being preoccupied with utilization concepts in time. Fast pace is needed.”, exhorts Mr. Kellermann, founder and Managing Director of greenValue GmbH in Nuernberg. “In 2024, 300 biogas plants installed in 2004 will require a follow-up regulation. In 2025, this number will rise to 600 for plants installed in 2005 and to 700 in 2026.”

For the energy transition, it is crucial to keep old plants and ensure that the expertise acquired over decades does not leave Germany.

What are the options for operators of old plants?

Daniel Kellermann: “We aim to draw up future-orientated strategies that will allow to operate a plant in a profitable way further. We develop an overall plan in cooperation with our partners on a case-by-case basis”

This involves:

  • Options for flexibility
  • Energy efficiency measures through targeted operational optimization
  • Mobility: biogas for instance for the internal fleet and for a filling station
  • Grid feed-in and bundled feed-in
  • Use of captured CO2

We furthermore assist in the realization of PV facilities for power self-supply. Through our partnerships, financing and takeover of running operations is possible as well.“

What is the service portfolio of greenValue?

“The main focus of our specialized services lies in renewable energies and environmental technologies”, Kellermann explains. “The range of our services develops as dynamically as the market itself.”

greenValue GmbH has implemented a quality management system to guarantee high-quality services according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The certification was successfully renewed in October 2023. “This serves to secure our services and to continuously improve their quality.” Kellermann explains. “We are convinced that renewable energies still offer sound opportunities to contribute to a sustainable development.”, Kellermann concludes.

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Since its founding in 2002, greenValue GmbH is dedicated with passion to renewable energies. As an Information and Consulting company with a team of five highly-motivated employees, the company offers services like contract initiations and negotiations, coordinates processes during project implementation and acts as a link between investors and project planners. With a longstanding expertise in the field of renewable energies, greenValue focuses on the following segments: wind power, photovoltaic, RNG, biomethane, biowaste, green hydrogen and liquid RNG.

Besides mergers & acquisitions, the range of services greenValue GmbH is covering, also includes project, and asset management, as well as the implementation of energy efficiency and energy production plants. The combination of extensive expertise and more than 20 years of experience is the foundation of the company’s sustainable success.

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