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Record Earnings in 2018 – the sustainable Expansion of Obton Group

New records are set. Over the last years the Obton Group has gained interest in sustainable investments. Thanks to the expansion on European and Australian markets, the Obton Group could manage to reach new record earnings. They focused on solar energy projects and on real estate projects. As the importance of sustainability increased in the year 2018, the Obton Group decided to follow the trend as well. „The investment company specialising in alternative investments has just released its 2018 financial statements, and again this year, the company has presented a two-digit million euro surplus – in large part thanks to the increasing focus on sustainable investments“, describes CEO Anders Marcus the current situation.

“We have seen a significant increase in the interest in sustainable investments in recent years. Both individuals and companies have come to realise that sustainable investments are good for the climate and, as far as companies are concerned, for their brand”, explains CEO Anders Markus their move.

In addition, one of the two subsidiaries in the Obton Group also are focusing on sustainable investments as well. They have currently more than 500 global solar PV projects and are increasing the number in the near future. The other subsidiary Group Koncenton who are in charge of the real estate market were successful too. Both subsidiaries gained recognition and are working on various projects. As a result, the Obton Group is hoping for further record earnings in 2019.

The Obton Group is known as an investment and development company who focused themselves on renewable energy, they are specialized in developing, funding and management of solar PV projects especially in Europe and North America.

Further information you find at obton.com.

This greenValue article was written by Jessica Lam, published 16. Mai 2019.

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